Cough and Cold

Coughing when you have a common cold typically progresses through two stages.  Coughing during the the early stages of a cold is most often a non-productive cough, or at least a less productive cough.

After the cold moves into the next phase, a buildup of mucus occurs at which point the cough becomes more productive as it loosens and expels phlegm to clear the airways.

A cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract that most commonly occurs during fall and winter, tapering off in March or April.  The most common cold viruses thrive best when humidity is low.

Not all colds are accompanied by a cough, it depends on which virus is the cause of your cold.  Most colds come with stuffy and/or runny nose, and sneezing.

Certain cold viruses will produce coughing, headache, fever, muscle aches, sore throat, and/or post nasal drip.

When choosing which home remedy for cough you want to use when you have a cold you’ll first need to establish if you should use a cough suppressant or a cough expectorant.



Suppressant or Expectorant For A Cough From A Cold

Most coughs accompanying a cold virus are productive coughs, meaning a cough that is producing and expelling phlegm.  And if the cough is not productive at the beginning of the virus it probably will be soon enough.

Do not suppress a productive cough because that is the natural process of the body to expel the virus from your system.

If your at the tail end of the cold virus or even after cold symptoms have subsided, you may now be dealing with a dry, non-productive cough.  This is the stage where a cough suppressant is beneficial and you’ll want to then use a dry cough remedy.


Natural Cough Remedies & Natural Cold Remedies

Home Remedies for cough and cold:
First, start out with the basics.  Two of the simplest ways to help your body recover from a cough and cold are listed below. Follow these two simple but key methods you’ll fing a number of other effective home remedies for cough that you will find helpful when you’re desperately trying to find out how to stop coughing.

Get lots of rest.  That may sound unimportant but when your body is resting is when your body is repairing itself.  Sleep plays a large role in the body’s healing process because the growth hormone production is at its highest during your deep sleep which has a key role in your immune system.

Drink Plenty of Liquids
Coughing can cause you to become dehydrated so make sure to drink lots of fluids. Water is an excellent choice because it not only helps to re-hydrate you, but water actually serves as a natural expectorant by helping to thin the mucus.

Another good choice of fluid when you have a cough and cold is hot tea.  It not only replenishes the fluid in your system but it also relieves a scratchy, sore throat.

Adding honey to your hot tea is also very good idea because honey is an antioxidant, it eases coughs and sore throats, it is a natural expectorant and suppressant, and it contains a natural antibiotic.  Honey is an excellent remedy for dehydration because it helps your body to absorb water into the tissues.

Add lemon to your water or tea because lemons are also a powerful antioxidant and a rich source of healing compounds and lemons contain vitamin C.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is an antioxidant and increases the white blood cell activity which enhances the immune function against a cough and cold.  Vitamin C also lowers the levels of histamine in the body which helps with runny eyes and stuffy noses.

Echinacea & Goldenseal & Esberitox
Echinacea and goldenseal both help to enhance the immune system and goldenseal helps to dry up the mucus.  These two herbs are often found in a combined product as well as individually.  Both can be found in health food stores, as well as many drug stores, supermarkets, etc.

One particular product which contains what is described as “supercharged echinacea” is called “Esberitox.”  This product comes in a pleasant flavored chewable tablet that is easy for even children to take and does help you feel better faster.

Zinc supports the immune function and is believed to have antiviral effects. Zinc comes in many forms such as lozenges and nasal sprays.

Chicken Soup
Don’t forget the chicken soup.  The findings from a research study on chicken soup by the University of Nebraska Medical Center verified the effectiveness of chicken soup. The chicken broth serves as a natural cough expectorant because it thins the mucus in the respiratory tract.

 More Cold and Cough Remedies

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    Are there certain foods I shouldn’t eat while I have this cold?

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